Conor Oberst. Charles Bukowski. Tom Waits.

These are a few of my favourite things… or writers. And it’s when the moon is at it’s highest, and when everyone is asleep, that I wake up and start writing my poetry.


That place in time when you found me

Can you hold my drink? I’m feeling it.

I’m feeling like I need to talk.

Through a mutual friend I found myself in your bed.
Raw past-tense “I loved him.”
How am I suppose to feel?

Hold my drink, i’m feeling it.
Every thing is rushing to get out.
Down a swollen tunnel light pours out,
but only at the end.

Can’t you see it? Can you feel it?
You’ll do for now.
It’s summer now so I need something to do.

When winter comes i’ll lose my mind, but until then
just hold my drink
and don’t ask me questions.

I’ll forgot your name, but you’re still that familiar face.

Because you look like “I love him.”
It’s a happy thing to remember.


To Wonder

To see the future is an awful thing
don’t wish for it
don’t wish for it

death and destruction will all come in time
don’t be afraid of it
don’t be afraid of it

swiftly, softly the lady will pass over
and brush her long cloak against your shoulders
a feeling so dark
a feeling so deep
to lay a feeling so close to your heart
when you sleep

feel it in your spine
the warm sunshine of summertime
and shed your skin that left you so unknown
and unfamiliar
to your lover.

you’d rather die alone then wonder

Acceptance Is The First Step

I will always tell people that I went to the bar instead.
or that I can be one of the boys.
You can pretend i’m not even there, but I won’t drink a beer,
so you can leave them just lying around.

When you were here I didn’t really drink that much
because I felt that you would feel weird,
or something of the sorts.

You had a clear mind and you would occupy mine; you still do.
So I don’t sleep, and I don’t dream either.
Why do you appear? No vacancy, do not enter, prohibited.
Please stay away. Ii’d like to remember what it’s like to dream of what can be
and not how it was.

But i’m biding my time quite nicely.
I got a few faces that look my way every now and then,
and some boys who would rather be around me
then some of their friends, and i’m flattered, I really am,
but you ruined me.
You ruined me.

Now all I do is contrast and compare,
I let you ruin me.
It’s not my fault though.
You were just anxious, and needy…
you just needed to make sure you “didn’t leave me again.”

But it’s different in the city isn’t it?
Out of sight out of mind.
I was out of your sight.
Now i’m out of your mind.

But you keep me up at night.
So I hope you find comfort in someone soon,
or something that will make you believe in who you really are;
make you see yourself for who you really are.

What a kick in the teeth

I don’t owe you that.


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