About Adriana

It always takes a while for me to start writing summaries about myself. Self reflection is something that I do often, however I usually keep it to myself. That’s one thing you now know about me.

I just never know where to start. Should I start with my birth? My favourite colour? My current educational status? Polka dots or stripes? It’s a conflicting issue. But if I must describe myself, then I shall do it parallel to the way that I think of myself when the images are trapped in my brain.

In one word I’d assume one would describe me as passionate. I talk with my hands. I’m a poet, but the kind that doesn’t read anyone’s poetry except to feel better about my own poetry because I just came out of a two year writers block, which makes me question if I’m even a poet at all, and not just some bitter teenager pissing vinegar. I like philosophy, because it’s the only way I can understand things. I like to count sentences that have 8 syllables to their structure on my fingers for comfort. I like reading birthday cards in drug stores. I like to lead people, comfort people, teach people, and see the gears working in other people’s heads. I’m not afraid of public speaking, in fact, it’s when I feel most comfortable talking.

I’m a natural born leader with a mind that is too curious to be motivated.

I’m young, I’m in college, I’m still learning and I’m doing nothing but making mistakes. And that’s all I can hope to do.

The worst thing in life is to think you know everything when you don’t; I pride myself in having an open mind that’s always ready to learn new things.

Purpose Without Practice is Futile.



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