I love Dove – And So Should You

Dove is a really wonderful company, don’t you think? They don’t give a shit about one type of beauty – because all women are beautiful. And it’s true.

It’s unfortunate how beauty is now merely defined as first impressions of a women merely based on if their face is symmetrical enough to be qualified as beautiful.

I mean, I could go on about how beauty is “skin deep,” but that’s a little too sentimental for my taste. Instead, let’s focus on this simply captivating and powerful campaign dove recently came out with.

I myself am guilty of constantly critiquing and vocalizing everything that’s ‘ugly’ about myself on a daily basis. My famous line: “My teeth are so crooked,” and the famous reponse from my friends, “what are you talking about.”

You are your number 1 worst critic. And Dove really brought that into perspective with this campaign.

Take the time to watch this video, and maybe you’ll realize that the only person stopping you from feeling beautiful… is you.