New Do, New ‘Tude – Plus some other updates.

I haven’t posted a blog in quite sometime, mainly because of my hectic school/social life.


But in the midst of all the craziness, I embarked on quite a change.

I chopped all my hair off.

I had hair that could be used as nipple warmers, it was that long. But because i’m impulsive and crave change, I cut it off to my longest layer. Now it’s one length of solid groundhog-brown mom hair.

I know i’m gonna regret this. 

So I went from this… (Say hi to Nick),


Look at those luscious locks…

To this…





Aside from this, I have a few updates.

  • Nick and I just recently celebrated 7 months (yay), and celebrated Valentines Day by having him force feed me Nyquil. It was splendid.
  • My phone is completely destroyed. I don’t want to talk about it. Just know that it’s destroyed.
  • I am busy as a bee preparing myself for the Regional ENACTUS competition coming up in March. This is where we all go to Toronto to present on behalf of my college about all the wonderful things ENACTUS does in the community. It’s pretty time consuming, but I love it.
  • I bought a bunch of new clothes, but am without a fancy camera to snapshot it all with. Those will be up soon.

Ciao for now, xo.


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